The Project Canvas needs your experience for a new Book Edition

Four years ago, we released the “Over the Fence” Project Canvas. Since then, the instrument has been applied in thousands of projects and thanks to the feedback of many people, it has improved a lot. Now, it’s time to update the related book “Project Canvas” as well.

We would love to collect experiences of using the Project Canvas in different contexts and share them in the new book edition!

If you are using the Project Canvas: In which cases is it really helpful? And how do you apply it? We are interested in scenarios, stories, practices, and canvas examples. Please leave a comment or get in touch via karen(at) or frank(at), if you have something to share.

We would love hearing from YOU!

Karen & Frank

New Book Edition



2 responses to “The Project Canvas needs your experience for a new Book Edition”

  1. How can I get in contact with you in regard to the new book. We have used the project canvas and adapted it for educational purposes in our “capstone” course in Computer Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico. How could we contribute to the new book?

  2. Frank says:

    Thank you very much for your response! Happy to hear that you are applying the project canvases. In the book, we plan a section with examples/practices of how to apply the project canvas in different types of projects/cases. Projects in (higher) education will certainly become a chapter in this section. We would love to learn more about your experiences with the project canvas. For sharing your thoughts (and/or material) you can contact us by the named email addresses or via hello(at) Of course, you could also share your knowledge via our facebook community or we could arrange a skype/tel call (via email). Looking forward to learning from you

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