It’s an eye-opening event full of fun and learning. You will be surprised by errors in perception which are just human in the design stage of any ambitious venture. You can self-test your modes of thought and identify possible blind spots. Learn to avoid cognitive biases that result from intuitive thinking. Rethink the way to start projects and acquire fresh tools for customer-oriented project design. It’s a playful challenge for teams. The goal of the challenge is to collaboratively design a specific project. This project is called the “awesome coffee experience”. A team needs to figure out all relevant aspects that are important to know before the project is “ready to be started”. This takes 45 minutes. The entire session including reflection takes 120 minutes. You can book the „Awesome Coffee Experience“ for teams of four (or bigger). Simply send your request to hello(at)overthefence.com.de. Ask for our attractive flat rates and reduced conditions for not-for-profit.

"The Coffee Experience makes „project thinking“ come alive. You feel, work, suffer, and celebrate like a project manager. In less than two hours, this format offers more insights into project management than many other PM training formats (which are often mechanistic and boring).“ S. QUADE, Author, Docent, and Consultant for digitized Transformation, Berlin "I have joined the „Coffee Experience“ during the PM Forum 2017. It has been an eye-opening event. I immediately understood the blind spots during the start-up stage of any project. Later, I organized an in-house „Coffee Experience“, because I wanted to raise awareness concerning this phenomenon within our PM community.“ M. HORLEBEIN, Senior Vice President, Veridos GmbH "Having experienced various large-scale projects, one knows about the things which can go wrong – and will go wrong. The game-based Coffee Experience impressively demonstrates a major source of project failure. Each manager should have experienced this! It’s funny, exciting, and really surprising.“ S. LEHMANN, Strategic Marketing and Research, TOTAL France
"Awesome!" Participant, PM Camp Berlin 2016 "More of this!" Participant, European Organization Design Forum 2016 "Extremly helpful. - even for the pro." M. PHILIPS, Scrum Master
"I was suprised how fast an heterogeneous group can find their way in designing a new project. Knowledge exchange at its best." A. MISKIW, project manager, head of GPM region Düsseldorf/ Rhein-Ruhr "Insightful and very entertaining. No project manager should miss this!" DR. C. WARGITSCH, Managing Partner & CEO, Wargitsch & Comp. AG "Once you go through this, your project design experience will never be the same again." G. MOLINENGO, Design Thinker & Researcher, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V.
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