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OVER THE FENCE: Rediscover the joy of projects, develop new ideas better and have more fun working together

– a completely new revised edition of our first book “The Project Canvas”

The book offers inspirational stories, examples of applications, good practices,  workshop guidelines, and the latest version of the “Project Canvas”. It helps all people to understand their projects better and make a real difference with human-centered project design.

Get the eBook.

The printed book will be available soon. See contents & preview on ISUU.


Version 4 is released in English and German. Described in the book. Get the lastest versions.

Release note: It is now exactly 42 questions for your project on the canvas. We said good bye to “milestones“ and replaced them with “waypoints“ of the journey – results of agile project phases/sprints are now explicitly included.


If you like to use the version 4.0 in a different language, please help us creating it!


Enjoy reading the book and the new canvas version. We hope you’ll love it!

Frank & Karen


Would you like to catch-up in person? Please drop us a line. Or meet us at these events:

Oct. 5th in Brussels, Belgium at PM Fair

Oct. 22/23 in Nuernberg, Germany at PM Forum

Nov. 12 in Munich, Germany at PM Summit 2018

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