Playing on the Canvas


We are currently exploring and refining formats to work and play with the canvas in various settings. The Canvas Board Game is designed to play on the canvas for about one hour in open spaces and conferences.
You can use the Canvas Board Game also with a group of people who are not involved in your project, but might be interested in a game experience and help you shaping your project idea.

Project Journey Gameboard

At the PM Camp in Berlin we played with two teams of professional project managers. Each team was playing to challenge one specific project idea, presented as project story from one person per team. It was great fun and  provided valuable insights regarding the project ideas. More pictures from the session can be found on google.

To create your own canvas game, here is what you need:
The Game Board visualizes the project journey metaphor of our project canvas. The color scheme helps clustering the projects domains on the journey into 5 topic areas. Question Cards guide each team while exploring the story of the project idea. If the team captures their findings on post-it notes, they can be presented and discussed in a following round at the project canvas poster on a wall. Enjoy playing!

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—- by Karen Schmidt

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