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A simple path to benefit from x-disciplinary knowledge, design, manage, and lead projects, and have more fun at work.


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Expand your repertoire and acquire fresh tools. “Over the Fence” will teach you powerful technologies, inspired by cross-disciplinary knowledge (and a whole lot of common sense). You will learn to systematically design, manage, and lead projects – demystified and buzzword-free! Are you ready to step out of your daily routine and connect with game-changing technologies?

Our aim is to provide the most valuable knowledge for those who face projects and are looking for hands-on tools. Going step by step allows us to learn and adapt to your needs. For each stage of publication, you are invited to share your thoughts, practices, and stories. Tell us, whether the content was helpful, how we could become better, and what you would like to see in the upcoming releases.
A handbook for project leaders

A toolbox for interdisciplinary teams

A guideline for mastering a challenge

The authors
”My working life started with an apprenticeship at Mercedes Benz, the car manufacturer. Afterwards, I studied business, became consultant, manager, entrepreneur, and professor (in this sequence), had a hell of fun with an awesome crowd of highly passionate people, survived more than 50 projects in over 20 countries, and eventually found my cause in purposefully connecting people from different cultures, disciplines, and professions.”Frank on LinkedIn ”My working life started, when I founded a marketing agency at the age of 19 with an artist friend of mine. I studied business education and have worked with people in projects and C-level executives in all kinds of organizations across Europe. Leading more than 40 complex projects was a great opportunity to learn collaboration and leadership from the inside out. My mission is helping diverse teams to work with courage, trust, and creativity to achieve outstanding results.”Karen on LinkedIn