What does “Over the Fence” mean – for YOU?

By nature, each complex project is a collaborative endeavor which involves people from various fields of expertise. These people have different professional perspectives and speak idiosyncratic “languages”. Consequently, each complex project needs to find ways to master this diversity, to create a convergence between subject-specific interests and various schools of thinking.

This is why we established “Over the Fence”!

It is an initiative that aims to provide the most valuable knowledge for those who face projects and are looking for hands-on tools. We are inspired by cross-disciplinary knowledge and a whole lot of common sense. Our motto is “simple but powerful – demystified and buzzword-free”!

Garden FenceOur metaphor of a project is a garden party in a friendly neighborhood. If all neighbors jump over the fences of their home turfs, they can gain a common ground, share resources and have the greatest time of their life.

Does the “garden party” picture work for you? Of which color is your watering pot? Have you ever experienced “over the fence” moments? How have they been created? And what could “Over the Fence” provide to you?

You are heartily invited to share your thoughts, practices, stories, and wishes. 

“Over the fence” is made for and by people in projects! Be part of the community!


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