Beyond Project Management

It's time
to think and do projects in an entirely new way.

It's time to think and do projects in an entirely new way.

Because we tend to forget ...

We are uncovering better ways of collaborating in interdisciplinary projects. We appreciate the value of:
  • Questions
  • Observations
  • Change of perspective
  • Self-reflection
  • before
  • before
  • before
  • before
  • answers
  • evaluations
  • point of view
  • criticism
People tend to “think fast”*. This can lead to undesirable effects. The items on the left side facilitate “slow thinking”. They improve the quality of the right side and should therefore be applied consciously and intensively.
Apply the items on the left side one time more than your intuition tells you to!

Over the Fence helps people who want to create.


Founded in 2013 by Karen Schmidt & Frank Habermann, “Over the Fence” is an open community. For people in projects. Conceived and created with love and passion in Berlin and in the world.
We re-think projects! For this, we connect deep expertise in leadership and management with stories, wisdom, and modes of thought from other disciplines like sports, psychology, design, theatre and the arts. By this, we aim to provide the most valuable knowledge for anyone, who faces complex projects and wants to create something meaningful.

The effectiveness of our tools and techniques is severely limited if you think only of yourself and your own career.

Step into a new project world
- brighter, more human, more successful

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It's time to think and do projects in an entirely new way.
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