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Let's re:think management together!

We are happy to be of service for you.

Services at a Glance


Consulting & Coaching (for very challenging initiatives)

Keynotes & Impulses (food for thought and surprising insights)

Seminars & Workshops (for contemporary management)

Yes, we can be more specific about your services.


And that depends on your challenges. We would love to listen to you and understand your situation better! Shall we arrange a meeting and talk?

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What others say about us

"...Helps to rediscover partially lost skills such as observing, reflecting, asking questions, and applying them to urgent business challenges."

K. Nowosel, Chief Procurement Officer, Accenture

“Easy to understand, can be used ad hoc.”

J. Frings, Technical Consultant & OKR Master, VEDA

“Inspiring. Activating. Reassuring. What a great combination!“

A.K. Glahn, Founder at "Values at Work"

"... know-how exchange at the highest level."

A. Miskiw, Project Manager, Lead IPMA Region Dusseldorf/ Rhein-Ruhr

“Surprising insights for everyone, including experienced leaders at all levels. Shows where we often fail in practice.”

S. Lehmann, Strategic Marketing and Research, TOTAL

"Entertaining, non-dogmatic and with a lot of depth. Karen and Frank made agile working directly come alive."

Dr. K. Gottke, Global Senior People Growth, Boehringer Ingelheim

About Our Seminars

Different Sizes and Formats

Here to be of service for you. 

    We offer all seminars

✓ as in-house events (for 5-500 persons) 
✓ with visual thinking tools for practitioners
✓ for straightforward contemporary management


We are happy to run open seminars and sessions, if someone invites us (hint!). Upcoming events.