Advanced Project Design

In-depth Thinking Tools

Applying the Project Canvas delivers a common picture of the project in very short time. In some cases, this result might not be good enough to start the project. For such occasions, we provide up to 25 further tools which help you to map out the Project Canvas in depth.
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"The thinking tools from Over the Fence ease the way towards agile management and leadership."

Anna Freitag, Senior Manager

"It's not about "right or wrong" - it's simply about discovering information essential to the project."

Eugenia Gargallo, Entrepreneur & Social Activist

"The approaches from Over the Fence should certainly become mainstream."

Eric Leung Shun, PMP Project Management Evangelist

"The beauty of this approach is that it really invites people to the project."

Carl Dolan, Director

"When I start with the Over the Fence tools, then I get co-creative energy and give the project a real kick."

Sonia Lee, Senior Project Manager


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In-depth Thinking Tools

Project Canvas

The Project Canvas delivers an "essential project design". You can apply the in-depth thinking tools to such sections of the canvas which need to be worked out further.
In-depth Thinking Tools

Question Cards

A deck of cards with 42 questions that facilitate an essential understanding of a project. The in-depth thinking tools build up on these questions and shape the understanding.
In-depth Thinking Tools

Project Design Book

Describes all 25 design thinking tools, including step-by-step workshop guidelines and the complete methodology of customer-centered project design.