The Question Cards

A deck of cards with 42 questions to facilitate dialogue between project participants. The cards can be used in combination with the Project Canvas or independently.
* Because we cultivate personal contact with our community, we have not automated the download. Instead we happily look forward to your request by e-mail at Alternatively, you can order the cards produced by
"The questions combine common sense with a highly professional approach."

Peter Mueller, Entrepreneur

"The set of cards helps to ask questions which all too often remain unasked."

G.H. Wayne, Manager

"The questions help people to think more agile."

Sven Weghorst, Agile Leader

"It's very impressive: little cards which pose all the big questions."

Participant at the PM Forum

"The questions are in a language everybody can understand."

Liam Kelly, Agile Coach & PMP


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This visual framework allows to harvest answers and information in a very simple yet organized way, understandable for everybody.

Project Journey

Describes the underlying metaphor of the Project Canvas. You can use the graphical handout as well as the presentation slides to create a common project understanding.

OTF Book

The "Over the Fence" book offers inspirational stories, good practices, and detailed workshop guidelines towards human-centered project design.

In-depth Thinking Tools

The in-depth thinking tools build up on the initial 42 questions and shape the project design (where and when needed).