Decision Canvas

Visualizes all the questions that need to be discussed before starting a decision-making process or project – on one page!

Download the "Decision Canvas" and the other tools from our book "Hey, not so fast!" free in your language and encourage slow thinking for better decisions! You find the other decision-making tools below.
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"No less than a novel concept for improving decision-making processes."

Stefanie Klein, Harvard Business Publishung, Director

"The presented methods promote agile work - especially under uncertainty."

Niklas Proksch, zero360, Managing Director

“Helps to involve all relevant actors and to make better decisions.“

Frank Milius, NEOCOSMO, Founder & Managing Director

"Allows you to make better decisions - alone and in collaboration with others."

Armin Berger, 3pc, Founder & Managing Director

"Revitalizes partially forgotten skills such as listening, reflecting and asking unbiased questions."

Kai Nowosel, Accenture, Chief Procurement Officer


Related Decision-Making Tools

Decision Hats

Who wears which hat? Use these playing cards to clarify the roles in a decision-making process: smoothly, precisely, and flexibly!

Decision Roles

Use this checklist to understand the four roles of any decision-making process – and to identify your own role.

Decision Story

What is the "decision need"? With the "story cards" you can determine exactly who needs a decision for what.

Decision Canvas Cards

Card set with questions that will help you think through each decision better. Usable with the Decision Canvas or independently of it.

Novelty Map

Novel decisions require "slow thinking!" With this tool you can find out how novel a decision is.

Uncertainty Map

What are the uncertainties of a decision – and how can we deal with them? The "Uncertainty Map" provides answers!


Illustrates how decisions can be made – and helps to choose a suitable decision mode.

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