Decision Hats (Playing Cards)

These cards help to systematically think through the roles in a decision-making process (or project). This is extremely useful for setting up new decision-making processes, or for re-viewing existing organizational structures. More in the video below.
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The costs of one (1) set of playing cards (6x6 cards) is EUR 11,11 plus shipping (untracked): EUR 3,33 in Germany I EUR 4,44 in EU Contries (plus 19% German VAT without VAT no.) I EUR 6,66 to non-EU Countries (e.g. Switzerland).
"A genuinely novel concept for improving decision-making processes."

Stefanie Klein, Harvard Business Publishung, Director

"(...) clear and pragmatic instructions on how to proceed."

Mirco Caspar, Mister Spex, Managing Director

"Helps to involve all relevant actors and thus to make better decisions."

Frank Milius, NEOCOSMO, Founder & Managing Director

"(...) facilitates agile work, especially when faced with uncertainty."

Niklas Proksch, zero360, Managing Director

"(...) makes decision-making processes more collaborative and better."

Kai Nowosel, Accenture, Chief Procurement Officer


More Decision-Making Tools

Decision Canvas & Co.

What exactly should be decided - and what shouldn’t? The Decision Canvas helps to clarify the need for a decision. Can be combined with other decision-making tools.


Our book "Hey, not so fast!" describes how to organizate effective decision-making. It provides guidelines for using Decision Hats & Co. Currently, the book is available in German language.