We are uncovering better ways of collaborating beyond the routine. We appreciate the value of:
  • Questions
  • Observations
  • Change of perspective
  • Self-reflection
  • before
  • before
  • before
  • before
  • answers
  • evaluations
  • point of view
  • criticism
People tend to “think fast”*. This can lead to undesirable effects. The items on the left side facilitate “slow thinking”. They improve the quality of the right side and should therefore be applied consciously and intensively.
Apply the items on the left side one time more than your intuition tells you to!

*”Fast thinking” and “slow thinking” refer to the work of Nobel Prize in Economics winner Daniel Kahneman. Thousands of people have already incorporated the manifest for slow thinking into their daily work. Apply it for your purposes too!

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Felix Bucher Switzerland
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