The Project Canvas

The Project Canvas illustrates all the themes which must be considered before a complex challenge - on one page. Download a free copy of the Project Canvas in your language and start projects better together.
Not yet available in your language? Help us translating it.
"The Project Canvas is an excellent and relaxed way to clarify a project proposal."

Oliver Huckels, Senior Project Manager

"With the Project Canvas everybody can quickly gain a good picture of the project."

Stefan Derwort, Trainer & Consultant

"The Project Canvas is a pragmatic tool that can be applied without much explanation."

Martin Ratzmann, Strategic Leader

"A powerful one-pager that facilitates dialogue and understanding."

Sue Parker, Senior Vice President

"It gives me the opportunity to develop a clear and simple overview of the project with my customer."

Felix Peter, Project Manager


Related tools & materials

Motivational Video

Indiana Jones is extremely smart - Indy is using the "Over the Fence" Project Canvas. Watch the video!

Project Journey

Describes the underlying metaphor of the Project Canvas. You can use the graphical handout as well as the presentation slides to facilitate dialogue and togetherness.

Question Cards

A deck of cards with 42 questions that facilitate understanding of a project. The cards are identical with those on the Project Canvas and enable a variety of workshop formats.

OTF Book

The "Over the Fence" book offers good practices, detailed workshop guidelines and the complete methodology of the Project Canvas.

In-depth Thinking Tools

Up to 25 additional project design tools which you can use to shape the result from your initial Project Canvas workshop.