The Project Canvas

Design your project – on one page!

The Project Canvas is an easy-to-use tool that helps you to systematically understand, design, and initíate your new projects.

Indiana Jones is already using it – watch the video!


Get the original
Project Canvas from
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Utilize the Project Canvas for your purposes, even commercially Link back to after each use and respect the terms of license
Give your ideas room
Project the canvas onto a wall, plot a large-size poster, or re-create the canvas on meters of brown paper.
Start anywhere
Start with any building block of your project – proceed wherever you like. The canvas will flexibly support your effort.
Apply patterns
How to balance goals, specify risks, and define milestones? The canvas provides useful patterns to answer crucial project questions.
Keep ideas mobile
Use sticky notes, magnets, tape, pins, and other (re)movable tools to conveniently arrange your thoughts.
Highlite & accentuate
Use meaningful symbols, signal colors, and metaphors to emphasize important aspects of your project.
Have a meeting with yourself
What does the project mean to you – what are your goals and restrictions? The canvas helps you to get a clear picture.
Connect with others
Most projects are collaborative endeavors: the canvas facilitates communication between diverse people and helps developing a common ground.
Be guided
The final project canvas defines the essentials of your project, the purpose and the mission. Save this result, make it visible, and let it guide your journey.