The Project Journey

The project as "a journey through unchartered territory" has proven to be a helpful metaphor for facilitating a common understanding. We have visualized this metaphor so that even school kids can understand it (and it still is in line with professional standards). We provide a visual handout as well as presentation slides which you can use to explain the metaphor.
* Because we cultivate personal contact with our community, we have not automated the download. Instead we happily look forward to your request by e-mail at hello@overthefence.com.de
"We started with the project journey, and I don't believe we've ever had such a productive meeting."

Gareth Johnson, Head of Sales

"So easy to understand, so inviting, so motivating."

Sarah Keogh, Scrum Master & Agile Coach

"A surprisingly effective way of approaching projects."

Dr. M. Schneider, Managing Director

"A way to transfer know-how productively that's even fun."

Mustafa Topal, PMO manager

"We use the journey metaphor because it helps to create something together and that increases commitment."

Karen Svovoda, Change Agent


Related tools & materials

Explainer Video

This is an example of how we explain "the project journey" in a workshop in one minute.

Project Canvas

This visual framework is based on the "project journey". It divides this metaphor into 11 building blocks and supports people in developing a common picture of their project.

Question Cards

A deck of cards with 42 questions that facilitate understanding of a project. The cards are identical with those on the Project Canvas and enable a variety of workshop formats.

OTF Book

The "Over the Fence" book offers inspirational stories, good practices, and detailed workshop guidelines towards human-centered project design.